Welcome to the world of Nine Casting!

A lot of extras, featured extras, models, and actors are looking forward to working with YOU! Are you ready for us to solve a task you think is impossible?

We know that during a film production all kinds of demands could arise, and there are some situations where the solution was needed yesterday. You are in hurry, but you cannot compromise on quality. We have good news for you: we are familiar with situations like this, and we are ready to provide a solution to any requirement.  This is not just our job, it is our passion.


To offer an analogy: we are bungee jumpers who jump without ropes and land on their feet. Are you not sure yet? Then give us your full attention!


We are going to show you 6 reasons why you should choose Nine Casting to make sure you achieve the results you have dreamed of:


1. You will certainly find the individual that fits into your production. Nothing is impossible for us.

Currently 25,000 active members are registered to our database. Active, in the strictest sense of the word. Do you need extras or actors? Even if you need them for tomorrow morning, we will sort that out for you.


2. As well as extras, we can provide featured extras and professional models too.

Do you need a professional actor who knows what they need to do? You are in the right place! Nine Casting is doing this all the time. Providing talent who are highly skilled and experienced in the film industry is not a problem for us.



3. We manage the workload for you.

When we receive an urgent request, we immediately provide recommendations from our database. If you do not have time to browse through 25,000 people to find the characters you are looking for, then we will know how to help. Just give us a thorough description of what you are looking for and leave it with us.  In addition, if you need further assistance, we can do the casting for you.  Our highly experienced casting directors and professional photographers are here to help you. We will then send the final cut to you. How does this sound? The best part is yet to come!


4. No job is too small or too big for us!

We manage every single request with the same professional manner, whether a single unique character or 1000 extras. Quality and speed! In Hungary and beyond! You can count on this when you choose us.


5. Are you looking for a rare ethnicity?

We have great news for you, our company has the most diverse database of different ethnic groups. A few examples from our past projects: we have worked with Asian, African, Latina, Spanish, Arabic, and Indian characters. However, the list does not end here. If you have similar needs or, if you require even more unique characters, just send us a request and we will contact you straight away. And while we are it, could we give you the 6th reason why you are going have the best outcome if you choose us?


6. Last, but definitely not least, we give you a quote within an hour.

As we are aware in the film industry the grains of sand in an hourglass fall with light speed towards the upcoming settlement date, you can expect us to reply as fast as possible and we will not make you wait for days. Regardless of the reason you have been browsing casting or extra agencies on the web, reach out to us and you can expect us to give you a quick call you to discuss the details of your request. Have you got a question for us? Send us a message and we are happy to respond to any query you might have.



Send us a message and we are gladly going respond to any query you might have.

If you are curious to see how we have been using our superpowers so far in our previous projects, then scroll down, as we have prepared a small showreel to prove that we are not just saying empty words.


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